British Queen celebrates



The investigation into the audacious theft of a £5 million gold toilet from Blenheim Palace has taken a significant step forward. The 18-carat gold toilet, a creation by Italian artist Maurizio

Sir Elton John has returned home after a brief stay in the hospital following a fall at his villa in Nice. The 76-year-old singer was taken to the orthopaedic department of the Princess Grace


Over £3.7 million has been distributed by the Government and National Lottery Community Fund over the past few weeks to support young people in antisocial behaviour hotspots and areas of


Richard Beale, the director of London-based auction house Roma Numismatics, has pleaded guilty to a series of charges related to unlawful sales of rare ancient coins in a


In a recent announcement, George Osborne, the chairman of the British Museum, disclosed that steps have been taken towards the recovery of some of the approximately 2,000 treasures

Dr. Hartwig Fischer, Director of the British Museum since 2016, has announced his immediate resignation following the theft of treasures from the renowned London


In a delightful tribute, the Royal Mail is introducing a set of 10 special stamps to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the beloved character Paddington Bear.

A slice of Queen Victoria's wedding cake has been successfully auctioned for £700, exceeding its estimated value. The 182-year-old plum cake was sold by Bearnes, Hampton


The Conservative candidate running for London's mayoral position has faced backlash for labeling the iconic Notting Hill carnival as "dangerous" and suggesting its relocation,


A claim of alleged stolen artifacts from the British Museum was brought to the institution's attention in 2021 by an art dealer, who received the response that "all objects