British Queen celebrates



A box set of rare Pokémon cards that came close to being thrown away during a clear-out has been appraised at £20,000. The sealed Pokémon Fourth Print Base Set Booster Box, originally


More authors are set to benefit from improvements to the Scheme that pays them when their books are loaned from public libraries in the UK.


Colin Kemp, a 76-year-old management consultant, has initiated a project to erect a £70,000 monument commemorating the 17,000 sailors who sacrificed their lives to end the slave trade.


A Pablo Picasso painting scheduled to be exhibited in London is expected to fetch over £98 million ($120 million) at auction.


Pop icon Kylie Minogue made an unexpected appearance at rehearsals for the "I Should Be So Lucky" musical, which is set to premiere at the Manchester Opera House next month.


The UK Jewish Film Festival is set to be held in Manchester next month and will showcase numerous UK premieres and special events. The festival will commence on November 9 with a gala

The British government has issued new guidance regarding contested statues, stating that they should remain in place but be accompanied by comprehensive explanations.

Westminster City councillors have granted approval for the Moco Museum, a significant modern art museum, to establish its third European gallery on Oxford Street. The museum will occupy a

Victoria Beckham has candidly discussed the challenging time in her marriage caused by David Beckham's highly-publicized alleged affair. The couple has consistently denied claims of infidelity


Lee William Connor, 40, from Basildon in Essex, was the sole director of Regal Coinage Ltd, a dealer of collectible coins based in London, until it went into liquidation in February 2022.