British Queen celebrates


In a significant advancement for queer representation in academia, the University of Oxford has appointed the UK's first permanently endowed professorship in LGBTQ+ history. Mansfield

Thousands of students across leading universities face uncertainty as their exam grades are left in limbo due to ongoing lecturer marking strikes. The University and College Union (UCU)


A huge step forward was taken for protecting free speech in our universities as Professor Arif Ahmed has been appointed as the new Director overseeing free speech at the Office for Students.


A crisis is unfolding in London's education system as the number of pupils dramatically drops, leading to school closures and funding loss. Recent analysis reveals that


New figures released by the Department for Education reveal that more than 90 primary schools in England are at risk of closure or will face shutdown due to

In a troubling turn of events, the crisis surrounding kosher school meals has intensified as a second catering service has withdrawn its services. London Kosher Catering

Thousands of university students have requested the London High Court's permission to proceed with a collective lawsuit against University College London (UCL)

The Oxford Union held a thought-provoking debate on the evening of May 18th, delving into the question of whether social class defines British politics and addressing


New government restrictions to student visa routes will cut net migration while protecting the economic benefits students bring to the UK.


The Government will be raising the subsidy rate for the National Tutoring Programme to 50% in 2023-24.