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A grave situation unfolds in eastern Ukraine as more than 40,000 individuals face the imminent risk of losing their homes due to flooding. The catastrophic event was


Ukraine can count on the UK’s support, both on the battlefield and during its recovery, the Foreign Secretary has told the country during his second visit to Kyiv.

The United States has imposed sanctions on several Chinese and Hong Kong firms accused of providing support to Iran's ballistic missile program, citing concerns about


Tensions between Ukraine and Russia heightened as both sides accused each other of blowing up a major dam near Kherson in southern Ukraine. The destruction of the Kakhovka dam, located


NATO reinforcements have commenced their arrival in Kosovo on Monday (5 June 2023) following the recent outbreak of violence, which resulted in nearly 40 injured KFOR peacekeeping

The United States has imposed sanctions on a group of individuals with ties to Russian intelligence, accusing them of aiding the Kremlin in destabilizing Moldova's democratically-elected


The Iranian embassy in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to reopen tomorrow, marking the end of a seven-year closure and solidifying a rapprochement deal brokered by


Ukrainian military chaplains have graduated from the first course of its kind to be run on British soil.


Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have gathered in Warsaw, marking one of Poland's largest protests since the fall of communism in 1989. The march was

Minister Leo Docherty will visit Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to reinforce UK support for Central Asia as a close and valued partner.