British Queen celebrates



The United Nations cultural agency, UNESCO, is considering adding Venice and its lagoon, as well as the Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Kyiv, to its list of endangered world heritage sites.

One of Britain's most picturesque country estates, the Rothbury estate, which has been owned by successive generations of dukes for nearly 700 years, might soon have a new owner. Queen's


The profound teachings of the Qur'an have captivated people for centuries, and among its parables and wisdom, the significance of nature, particularly plants, is highlighted throughout the

Barbie has already conquered the box office, and now the film's soundtrack is set to dominate the UK music charts. Featuring 17 original songs from some of the biggest names in pop,

The serene Scottish village of Kenmore, nestled in Perthshire and famous for its wildlife and Taymouth Castle, is facing an uncertain future as US developers, Discovery Land Company, have


Single Malt Welsh Whisky was successfully registered under the UK Geographical Indication (UKGI) scheme today (24th July) –  protecting its name, authenticity and characteristics.



A recent survey conducted by waste management company Better Waste Solutions has shed light on the recycling habits of British festival attendees. The study found that a significant majority


In a ceremonial manner, His Majesty holds ownership over any unclaimed mute swan found in open waters in both England and Wales, a law dating back to medieval times. The ownership


A heartwarming tale unfolded as Ed Sheeran, the international pop sensation, responded to a special birthday invitation from a little boy named Ren. Hailing from Utah, Ren's adoration for the


The creative industry has grown at more than 1.5 times the rate of the wider economy over the past decade, making it an important sector for the Chancellor’s plan to grow the economy.