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As temperatures take a sharp dive, snow and ice warnings have been issued across parts of England and Scotland, prompting cautionary measures for the upcoming weekend.

Yellow weather warnings are in place covering northern and southern Scotland and stretching across eastern England, reaching as far as London and Kent. Forecasts predict temperatures plummeting to as low as -10C in northeastern Scotland and ranging between -4 to -8C across much of the UK overnight.

Snowfall on Friday led to closures or delayed openings for 30 schools in Cornwall, adding to the wintry atmosphere that has descended across the country. Thursday marked the coldest night since mid-March, with Cumbria experiencing temperatures plunging to -9.4C (15F) overnight.

The Met Office's yellow warnings, active from 17:00 on Friday until just before noon on Saturday, signal potentially hazardous conditions. Disruption and delays are anticipated on roads and railways, with icy patches posing risks on both roads and pavements. Additionally, the agency has cautioned about freezing rain, an unusual precipitation form that can make driving perilous.

Throughout the day, many areas witnessed temperatures hovering around 0C (32F). However, with clear skies and light winds expected in the evening, temperatures are anticipated to drop significantly below freezing.

Anticipated snowfall ranges between 2cm (0.79in) to 5cm (2in) for regions situated between 100m (328ft) to 200m (656ft) above sea level, particularly in Northern Ireland and western Scotland. Further snow showers are expected along North Sea coasts initially, followed by rain, sleet, and snow from the west into the weekend.

There's a likelihood of substantial snowfall in Wales, the Midlands, and parts of northern England by Sunday morning, potentially affecting even lower-lying areas.

In a separate advisory, the UK Health Security Agency has issued an amber cold-health alert for several English regions, signaling potential significant impacts on public health due to the cold weather. This alert encompasses the East Midlands, West Midlands, North West, North East, and Yorkshire and the Humber until December 5th.

Friday saw widespread temperatures between -3C (27F) to -6C (21F) across the UK, even in major cities like Manchester, Edinburgh, southwest London, and Birmingham.

The North East woke up to a snowy landscape, causing disruptions for motorists and school closures. In County Durham, snowy conditions led to road accidents, while North Yorkshire Police reported 100 cars stuck between Whitby and Scarborough.

Despite the recent cold snap, the UK has witnessed one of the warmest autumns on record, with temperatures averaging at 10.8C (51F) over the past three months, according to provisional data from the Met Office. Photo by Jason Yates, Wikimedia commons.