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Authorities in Mansfield are investigating the discovery of hallucinogenic substances in a limited number of chocolate bars sold at a local market stall.

Nottinghamshire Police received reports of individuals falling ill after consuming chocolate purchased at Mansfield Market on Saturday. Following forensic testing, traces of Psilocin, typically found in magic mushrooms, and THC, a compound from cannabis, were identified in some of these bars.

A 63-year-old woman was taken into custody in connection with the incident and has since been released on bail.

Chief Inspector Chris Sutcliffe stated that while most of the chocolate tested showed no signs of drugs or unusual substances, traces of Psilocin and THC were found in a small portion of the bars. Those who fell ill after consuming the chocolate have reportedly recovered fully.

Sutcliffe emphasized the importance of surrendering any of the affected chocolate to the police for further analysis. Authorities believe that only a limited batch of bars was impacted and there is no evidence suggesting wider distribution.

Tina Potter from the Food Standards Agency urged individuals who purchased chocolate labelled as 'Cali-Gold' or unbranded from Mansfield Market to refrain from consuming it and instead hand it over to the authorities.

The investigation involves collaboration among local authorities, the UK Health Security Agency, and law enforcement to address the incident and ensure public safety. Photo by Lee Haywood, Wikimedia commons.