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Seven-year-old Paige, an avid admirer of rhinos, has embarked on a commendable mission to combat rhino poaching in Lincolnshire.

Starting December 4th, Paige is committed to a two-week sponsored walk, covering two miles (3.2km) daily, with the enthusiastic participation of her family, friends, and classmates.

Her noble cause is in support of Dogs 4 Wildlife, a charity specializing in breeding and training anti-poaching dogs destined for deployment in Africa. The goal is to enhance protection for these majestic creatures threatened by poaching.

Expressing her deep love for animals, Paige emphasized, "I believe it's everyone's duty to help save them."

The spirited young activist, hailing from Bardney, is set on contributing to the cause close to her heart. Her mother, Lisa, proudly shared, "Witnessing Paige take charge at such a tender age is truly remarkable."

Part of her fundraising endeavors includes participating in a walk at Yorkshire Wildlife Park during their Santa Safari 3km fun run. This initiative aligns with Dogs 4 Wildlife's mission, as their specially trained dogs have demonstrated the potential to reduce rhino poaching by up to 75%.

Paige's efforts aim to aid in the training and deployment of a puppy named Nkosi, who will join the ranks of dogs safeguarding rhinos in Africa.

Optimistic about the impact of her walk, Paige remarked, "I hope to support Dogs 4 Wildlife in training more dogs like Nkosi to ensure the safety of rhinos."

Lisa, Paige's mother, reiterated, "Paige's profound affinity for rhinos is evident, and her dedication to their conservation is truly inspiring." Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ from Christchurch, New Zealand, Wikimedia commons.