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On October 12, Alworth College presented a new degree’s program. Alworth College, which proposes various professional English programs and courses, has begun training for early childhood

teachers and English language teaching specialists.  Alworth College, renowned in the international educational community, which had offered language courses in the UK and other European countries, as well as online certificate programs, began bachelors and masters training. The traditions of English and French education are among the most appreciated and widely known in the world. They have been improved over the centuries, developing and mutually enriching one another. Alworth College is an online educational institution with highly qualified faculty members. It has a strong history and is consistently increasing the tradition of teacher education in the UK. “Learning skills formation is crucial for people who aspire to become highly qualified tutors and teachers. Though, unfortunately, quite a little attention is devoted to it in the modern system of university education in the UK. Therefore, this educational institution completes the task of combining the best traditions of English education, giving a comprehensive outlook, exceptional professional knowledge, and skills of scientific analysis with the French system of the tradition of training tutors, teachers, and personnel”, - professor AC David White said. Commencing its history since the 18th century, Alworth College now offers a unique opportunity to study in English on programs recognized by the French Ministry of Education. Details here.

 Naomi Atkin