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The Cowley Road Carnival is set to make its highly anticipated return to Oxford's Cowley Road on 1 September, marking its first appearance since 2019. The annual summer event, which draws

tens of thousands of attendees, was canceled due to the pandemic and faced financial difficulties last year.

Organizers expressed their excitement for the "triumphant" comeback, highlighting this year's theme, "Our Nature, Our Future," which focuses on environmental sustainability.

Cowley Road Works: A staple of the community for over 20 years, the carnival is organized by Cowley Road Works (CRW) and funded by Oxford City Council and Arts Council England. This year, the event aims to make a significant impact by emphasizing sustainable practices.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives:

Attendees are encouraged to use recycled materials for their costumes, promoting creativity without compromising the environment.

Participants are also urged to plan for the sustainable disposal of materials after the event.

Artistic Director Pax Nindi stated, "This year, we will continue with the use of eco-friendly floats for the procession and recycled materials for costume-making, as well as encourage sustainability." He added, "Our programming reflects our dedication to promoting sustainable practices throughout the carnival."

Event Highlights:

Steel Band Performance: One of the UK's first steel bands from Trinidad, celebrating 60 years since the Festival of Britain, will perform both on stage and during the procession, without the use of a float to underline the commitment to sustainability.

Carnival House Floats: Residents and businesses are invited to transform their homes and properties throughout August. A judging panel will select the best design a week before the event.

With an expected attendance of 20,000 people, this year's Cowley Road Carnival promises to be a vibrant celebration of community and sustainability. For more information and updates, visit the Cowley Road Works website. Photo by ceridwen, Wikimedia commons.