British Queen celebrates


Pippa Middleton and her billionaire husband James Matthews have inaugurated the lodge at Bucklebury Farm Park in Berkshire, offering a venue for parties, events, and Pilates sessions.

Despite the Middleton family's disengagement from their mail-order enterprise, Party Pieces, which faced insolvency last year, Pippa and James have remained undeterred from the entertainment business.

In 2020, the couple acquired 72 acres of expansive land in picturesque Berkshire for a mere £1.5 million - a remarkable deal considering that a detached house with a garden in the area already commands a similar price.

Now, four years later, they have unveiled the lodge at Bucklebury Farm, designed for various social gatherings, including parties and Pilates classes.

Richard Eden, the Diary Editor of the Daily Mail, shared in Eden Confidential: 'James Matthews, Carole's son-in-law, purchased Bucklebury Farm in Berkshire for £1.5 million in 2020. Now, I hear, he's opening its lodge for parties, events, and even Pilates.'

Bucklebury Farm, through its Instagram account, confirmed the details of the lodge's availability and posted images of the facility, inviting bookings for birthday celebrations, corporate functions, yoga sessions, Pilates, and more.

Nestled within 72 acres of rolling fields, Bucklebury Farm is home to a diverse range of attractions, including a 44-acre deer park, a cafe, glamping pods, and a children's play area.

The Middletons, including Michael and Carole, have long been fixtures in the Bucklebury area, having resided in the quaint village for many years before relocating to the local manor house in 2012.

In 2021, James Middleton, Pippa's brother, and his wife Alizee Thevenet purchased a 16th-century farmhouse near Bucklebury for £1.45 million.

Pippa, along with her husband James Matthews and their three children, recently made the move from West London to West Berkshire, establishing their residence in a £15 million mansion just a short drive away from her parents' home.

James Matthews and his associates later acquired Bucklebury Park Farm, comprising 72 acres of land, in close proximity to Pippa's parents' residence.

This venture marks the latest business endeavor by James and Pippa at the expansive Bucklebury Farm site, which is situated half a mile from the village where her parents own a £5 million property.

Carole Middleton's entrepreneurial spirit has reportedly inspired Pippa's latest project, with the elder Middleton believed to have encouraged the couple to launch the online shop.

Pippa's online shop, launched in 2023, caters to a more affluent and eco-conscious clientele, offering an array of environmentally friendly products, including biodegradable jute tote bags, sustainably produced in Bangladesh.

In addition to hosting parties and yoga sessions, the lodge provides space for corporate events, offering guests a multifaceted experience amidst the natural beauty of Bucklebury Farm. Photo by Pam Brophy, Wikimedia commons.