British Queen celebrates

Israeli actress Roni Nadler is making a significant investment of £7 million to bolster the British film industry with the launch of her London-based production company.

Nadler, known for her roles in Israeli stage productions such as "Around The World In Eighty Days" and "The Three Musketeers," aims to combine Israeli creativity with British expertise in her ambitious venture.

According to Nadler, the Israeli film industry is renowned for its unconventional and distinctive content. By establishing a dedicated presence in London, she intends to spearhead exciting collaborations with the British film industry.

Her newly established company, set to open in Soho this week, will actively seek scriptwriters, casting agents, and other industry professionals to contribute to its projects.

Representatives of the Israeli actress have stated that the studio aims to invest £120 million in productions over the next decade.

The company envisions combining the vibrant storytelling styles of both nations to create a cinematic experience that showcases the best of Israeli and British talent, as mentioned on Nadler's website.

In addition to her theatrical work, Nadler has previously presented breakfast content on Israel's Channel 13, interviewed contestants on X Factor Israel, and lent her vocals to several film soundtracks.

With this bold move, Roni Nadler's London film studio is set to make a significant impact on the UK film industry, fostering collaboration and bringing together the creative forces of Israel and Britain. Photo by שרון היכל, Wikimedia commons.