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British Queen celebrates



A new section of the recently renamed King Charles III England Coast Path will officially open today, Wednesday 10 May.

A report in The Telegraph has highlighted Poland's rapid emergence as a European leader, taking over the role previously held by Germany and France, militarily and

According to Halifax, a UK mortgage lender, British house prices in April increased by just 0.1% year-on-year, marking their smallest annual rise since December 2012.

Factories producing some of the country’s best-known beers, cereals, soft drinks and cars will receive government support to reduce their energy costs and cut carbon


Thursday's local elections dealt a major blow to the Conservative Party, as they lost 1,060 seats and control of 48 councils. Labour and the Liberal Democrats each


El Al, Israel's national airline, has canceled several scheduled flights from London to Tel Aviv over the coming months, as it seeks to practice stricter adherence to Shabbat. The move reportedly

The coronation of Charles III is undoubtedly a global event. The ceremony was preceded by a pre-coronation reception, which was attended by Prince Jan Lubomirski and his wife Helena.


As the United Kingdom prepares for the coronation of King Charles, new details are emerging about the role that different faith communities will play in the ceremony.


The coronation of King Charles III was watched by more than 18 million viewers in the UK, according to provisional audience figures released by research organization Barb. The moment when


The UK winner of Friday's EuroMillions draw has claimed a massive £46.2 million prize. Along with winners in France and Switzerland, the ticket holder was one of three