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The Stonehenge Visitor Centre might undergo a transformation with the potential addition of new structures. English Heritage has proposed constructing two buildings as part of an initiative to

elevate the visitor experience at Stonehenge.

These prospective buildings are intended to enhance the educational facilities available. One of them is planned near the shuttle bus turnaround area, while the other is set to be situated close to the existing Neolithic village. A consultation period is underway, and a decision on the proposal is anticipated before mid-February 2024.

The application emphasizes the growing dependence on scientific insights for the ongoing archaeological research at Stonehenge. Understanding and delving into the discoveries made there increasingly rely on this scientific knowledge, a crucial aspect of Stonehenge's narrative that the proposal aims to share with educational visitors.

Dubbed the "Neolithic classroom," one of the buildings draws inspiration from evidence found at Durrington Walls, a significant archaeological site within the World Heritage Site. Alongside these new structures, plans also involve maintaining the current temporary facilities building to better cater to the evolving operational needs and enhance the working conditions for staff.

English Heritage underscores the global status and cultural importance of Stonehenge, stating the need for a leading educational setup that reflects the uniqueness of this site. Their goal is to provide a top-tier educational experience for all visiting groups, ensuring that both paying and free visitors receive a world-class educational encounter.

The consultation period for these proposals runs until December 15, with Wiltshire Council set to make its decision by February 15. Photo by Udit Kapoor, Wikimedia commons.