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In a move that affects the UK high street, Lloyds Banking Group has revealed plans to close 45 more bank branches, dealing a blow to traditional banking accessibility.

These closures encompass 19 Lloyds branches, 22 Halifax sites, and four Bank of Scotland locations. This recent decision marks the shuttering of at least 276 branches across Lloyds, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland within the current and upcoming years.

The trend of banks shutting down physical branches aligns with the increasing preference of individuals to conduct banking activities online. However, concerns have been raised by charitable organizations regarding the potential impact of excessive closures on the elderly and vulnerable, leaving them with limited access to essential services.

If in-person banking is necessary, Halifax customers are encouraged to check if a "community banker," operating from community venues after a bank closure, is available in their area. These venues, however, do not provide cash or counter services, redirecting customers to Post Office branches for cash deposits, withdrawals, and balance inquiries.

Customers of Lloyds and Bank of Scotland are advised to explore the availability of "mobile branch" services in their vicinity. These mobile branches usually operate on specific dates and times each month. Additionally, Post Offices offer services for cash transactions and counter services. Photo by Lirazelf, Wikimedia commons.