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Keir Starmer has stepped into the debate surrounding the latest England football kits, urging for the reversal of the "updated" design of the St. George's Cross.

The Labour leader criticized the new kit design, which was unveiled on social media earlier this week, labeling it as a misstep.

Featured on the back of the shirt collar, the cross is depicted with various colors including red, purple, blue, and black.

When asked if he believed Nike was wrong to alter the colors, Starmer responded affirmatively, stating, "Yeah, I think it was."

"As you know, I'm a big football fan. I attend England games - both men's and women's - and the flag is embraced by everyone," Starmer expressed.

"It serves as a unifying symbol. There's no need for alterations. We should simply take pride in it.

"So, I believe they should reconsider this decision and revert to the original design. I'm not even sure they can adequately explain why they felt the need to change it in the first place," he told The Sun’s YouTube channel.

Starmer also called for a reduction in the retail price of the replica kits, which currently stand at £124.99.

The England squad is slated to debut the new kit in their friendly against Brazil on Saturday.

Nike, in unveiling the new kit designs, stated that they would "celebrate football heroes of the past with a modern twist."

A spokesperson for the brand explained that the color choices were a tribute to England’s 1966 World Cup triumph.

Despite backlash from fans, there are no reported plans to withdraw the product, which has reportedly been in high demand since its launch.

The Football Association (FA) is said to fully support the change.

The alteration in colors has sparked outrage among football enthusiasts and political figures alike.

Reform UK MP Anderson criticized the move as "virtue-signaling nonsense," while Conservative MP Clarke-Smith questioned the need for an "update" to the national flag.

Online, fans expressed disappointment, with one calling the change "insulting" and another labeling it "dreadful."

The new kits were released with a price tag of £124.99 for adult sizes and £119.99 for children, and will be worn by England at Euro 2024, as well as by the Lionesses and England Para teams. Photo by Rwendland, Wikimedia commons.