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The UK government is aiding citizens in keeping their New Year's resolution of exercising more by investing £93 million in grassroots sport facilities across the country. Over 1,100 projects, from

Belfast to Bracknell, are set to receive funding for improved facilities like changing rooms, pavilions, 3G artificial grass pitches, goalposts, and floodlights. The aim is to enhance access to sports and physical activities for local communities.

Sports Minister Stuart Andrew announced the funding during a visit to Oaklands Park in Chichester, where over £700,000 from the government, The Premier League, and The FA’s Football Foundation will assist Chichester City Youth FC (CCYFC) in expanding its capacity.

The funding not only supports increased sports participation but also emphasizes the importance of mental health and wellbeing. Stuart Andrew stated that access to high-quality sports facilities is a major barrier to physical activity, and the investment in these projects aims to address that.

The projects will benefit various communities, with 900 in England already benefiting from the £81 million investment, and £12 million allocated for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in 2023/24. An additional £9 million is committed across the home nations for projects through 2024/25.

The Multi-Sport Grassroots Facilities Programme targets areas most in need of new or renovated facilities, with at least 50% of the investment allocated to the most deprived local authorities with high levels of inactivity.

Since 2021, the government, along with its partners, has supported almost 2,400 sites across the UK, aiming to get at least 120,000 more people active. This investment is helping grassroots clubs, including women's and girls' teams.

The initiative aligns with the government's new sport strategy, aiming to get 2.5 million more adults and one million more young people meeting the Chief Medical Officer's exercise guidelines by 2030. The £400 million investment in grassroots facilities, including park tennis courts and swimming pools, plays a crucial role in achieving this target.