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British Queen celebrates


King Charles of Britain will be featured on the cover of the Big Issue, a magazine sold by homeless and vulnerable individuals, as he commemorates his 75th birthday, shedding light on the

issues of food insecurity and waste.

King Charles has contributed an article to the magazine, emphasizing the significance of addressing the divide between food waste and the need for sustenance, according to an announcement made on Friday.

The article will showcase the Coronation Food Project, an initiative launched by King Charles to address challenges related to food insecurity and waste.

The cover portrait was captured by the renowned British photographer Rankin, featuring a black-and-white image of King Charles looking directly at the camera with a smile.

Rankin, who previously photographed the late Queen Elizabeth in 2001 for her Golden Jubilee, remarked, "With every picture, you're always drawn to different aspects of a personality. I've always thought that he's a very resilient human being. I think that's what I got from him, that kind of steely determination."

Prince William, King Charles' son and heir, graced the cover of the Big Issue on his 40th birthday last year and was also spotted selling the magazine on the streets of London.

The editor of the Big Issue, Paul McNamee, highlighted the longstanding support of Charles and the royal family for the weekly publication. He noted that the magazine is in alignment with the monarch's Coronation Food Project. McNamee expressed optimism that the cover featuring King Charles would boost sales during a challenging winter for vendors, emphasizing the core purpose of the magazine. Photo by Gaetan Lee, Wikimedia commons.