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In a significant development within the UK's academic landscape, City, University of London, and St George’s, University of London have formally agreed to merge, consolidating their respective

strengths and resources.

Upon completion of the merger, the newly formed entity will be known as City St George’s, University of London, poised to emerge as a premier institution catering to the healthcare sector in the capital. Notably, it will stand as one of the leading higher education destinations for students in London.

The merger is slated to commence operations from August 1, 2024, although the process of full integration is expected to extend beyond this initial date.

Professor Sir Anthony Finkelstein, the current President of City, will assume leadership of the combined institution. Expressing his anticipation for the role, he stated, “I am looking forward to leading City St George’s and to working with the remarkable and talented staff, students, and alumni in our combined institution.”

He emphasized the distinctive role that City St George’s will play in addressing pressing societal challenges, particularly in healthcare education and research. With a comprehensive array of offerings spanning medicine, pharmacology, nursing, psychology, and more, the merged universities aim to make significant contributions in addressing the workforce needs of the NHS and healthcare professions.

Professor Jenny Higham, Vice-Chancellor of St George’s, University of London, echoed the sentiment of promise and opportunity brought about by the merger. She emphasized the collective commitment to excellence and professionalism that will drive City St George's to excel across various disciplines.

City, University of London, established in 1894, boasts a rich history of academic achievement and is a member institution of the federal University of London. On the other hand, St George's, University of London, situated in Tooting, South London, draws students from over 50 countries and has a growing global footprint with collaborations in education and research spanning Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

The merger marks a pivotal moment for both institutions as they embark on a journey of collaboration and innovation to enhance healthcare education and research, positioning City St George's as a beacon of excellence in the higher education landscape. Photo by Hjamesberglen, Wikimedia commons.