British Queen celebrates


Garden Lodge, the esteemed London abode once inhabited by rock icon Freddie Mercury, is now available for purchase, beckoning those with a penchant for legendary rock history and a hefty

£30 million ($38 million) to spare.

Situated in the affluent neighborhood of Kensington in west London, this storied property served as the cherished home of the Queen frontman for a remarkable 11 years. Boasting an array of distinctive features, including a Japanese sitting room, a grand double-height drawing room, a bespoke bar/library, and a dedicated music center, Garden Lodge epitomizes timeless elegance and artistic flair.

According to Knight Frank, the renowned real estate agency handling the sale, Mercury was immediately captivated by the property upon his first visit in 1980, promptly acquiring it on the spot. Over the ensuing decade, in collaboration with esteemed interior architect and designer Robin Moore Ede, Mercury meticulously renovated the residence, infusing it with his unique vision and refined taste.

Described as his "country house in central London," Garden Lodge reflects Mercury's vibrant personality and eclectic sensibilities. The dining room, adorned in citrus-yellow hues, pays homage to Mercury's favorite color, while intricate jewel tones accentuate the room's ornate cornices.

A highlight of the residence is the drawing room, once graced by the presence of Mercury's grand piano, where he composed the timeless masterpiece "Bohemian Rhapsody." With views overlooking the lush garden adorned with majestic magnolia trees and oriental-inspired water features, the drawing room exudes a sense of tranquility and inspiration.

The principal suite, accessed through Mercury's former dressing room, boasts floor-to-ceiling mirrors and ample storage space, offering a glimpse into the rock legend's private world.

Following Mercury's passing in 1991, Garden Lodge and its cherished contents were bequeathed to his trusted confidante, Mary Austin. After more than three decades of stewardship, Austin, now 72, recently auctioned off a portion of Mercury's personal belongings and is now seeking a new custodian for Garden Lodge, with offers starting at £30 million ($38 million).

Reflecting on her cherished memories within the walls of Garden Lodge, Austin expressed a profound sense of nostalgia and gratitude, describing the residence as a sanctuary of love and warmth. As she entrusts the legacy of Garden Lodge to its next fortunate inhabitant, she fondly recalls the magical moments shared within its hallowed halls and invites a new chapter of history to unfold within its storied confines. Photo by Mike McBey, Wikimedia commons.