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The highly anticipated Glastonbury Festival 2024 saw all its tickets snapped up in less than an hour. Demand surged to the point that by 10:00 GMT, all tickets for the upcoming festival were

sold out.

In a statement shared on X, formerly Twitter, the festival expressed gratitude to those who successfully purchased tickets while expressing regret for those who missed out due to overwhelming demand.

The organizers assured that a resale of canceled or returned tickets would take place in the spring of 2024.

Hints about the festival's lineup have stirred excitement. Emily Eavis, the organizer, hinted at the potential inclusion of a prominent American artist among the headliners. Madonna's name has been circulating in rumors as a possible performer.

Addressing previous criticism regarding the absence of female headliners, Eavis suggested the likelihood of two female headliners gracing the Pyramid Stage next year, with another female performer lined up for the legend's slot.

Eavis expressed gratitude on Instagram to all who attempted to secure tickets and apologized to those who couldn't. She acknowledged the overwhelming demand, mentioning that the system could only handle a certain speed due to millions of devices accessing it simultaneously.

The festival's lineup is expected to be disclosed early next year.

The ticket rush on Sunday saw enthusiasts eagerly trying to secure their spots, creating both jubilation and disappointment among fans.

Sam Keaveney, a 30-year-old student nurse from Stockton-on-Tees, described the successful ticket purchase as an incredible feeling, anticipating the upcoming festival as the best place on Earth. Asked about the performers, he mentioned that with the festival's scale, there's always something or someone to enjoy.

However, the rapid sell-out left many disappointed, including Katie Cowdrey, a 43-year-old homeless recovery worker from Hampshire. Despite attending in the 1990s, she hasn't been able to secure tickets since 2011, hoping for one last visit to the festival, considering her mobility challenges due to arthritis.

Last year, approximately 2.5 million individuals vied for the 210,000 available tickets, showcasing the immense demand. This year's tickets and coach packages sold out within 25 minutes, highlighting the overwhelming interest in the event.

Ticket sales for 2024 were delayed by two weeks to ensure fairness to customers whose registrations had expired. The tickets for 2024 were priced at £355 (plus a £5 booking fee), up from £335 for the 2023 event. Attendees will pay a deposit of £75, with the balance due by the first week of April.

The festival, renowned for hosting over 3,000 acts, is scheduled to take place from June 26 to June 30. Photo by Czampal, Wikimedia commons.