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Cineworld has revealed its box office takings have recovered thanks to a strong run of 3D films including the latest Pirates of the Caribbean caper.

The group said the release of more 3D films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon and popular movies including The Hangover part two had helped box offices revenues rise 1.1% in the 26 weeks to June 30.

The performance, which benefited from weaker comparatives with the previous year, represents a turnaround from the first 19 weeks of its financial year, when box office takings declined by 7.8% because of a lack of 3D films and comparisons with Avatar and Alice in Wonderland a year earlier.

Cineworld said it should benefit over the next six months from a strong line-up of 3D films, including the final Harry Potter instalment, Puss In Boots and Tintin.

3D movies not only command a higher price but also boost the cinema's revenues as customers buy special glasses.


The audiences for 3D films tend to be younger and spend more money on food and drink, whereas films such as The King's Speech attract an older crowd who are less free spending, the chain said.

The group's total revenues in the half-year were flat as the rise in box office takings was offset by falls in advertising revenues and other income including food and drink sales.


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