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Michael Ziff, a hopeful candidate for the presidency of the Board of Deputies, has penned a letter to the president and interim vice-chancellor of the University of Leeds,

calling on them to confront the issue of antisemitism affecting Jewish students at the institution.

Ziff, a former member of the university board and a Leeds native himself, expressed concern over the university's response to incidents of intimidation against Jewish students, particularly following the return of Rabbi Deutch, the Jewish Chaplain, who faced protests due to his past service in the IDF during the Gaza conflict.

In his letter, Ziff highlighted the distress experienced by Jewish students since the events of October 7, noting incidents such as the attack on Rabbi Deutch, a sit-in at the Parkinson building, vandalism of the Jewish student center, and protests outside the Student Union.

Emphasizing the urgency of the situation, Ziff urged university authorities to take a moral stance against antisemitism, distinguishing it from any political considerations.

Ziff, whose family has been associated with significant donations to the university, criticized the university's failure to address the escalating tensions on campus since Rabbi Deutch's return. He warned of further deterioration if proactive measures are not taken by the Senior Management Team.

Antisemitism, Ziff stressed, should have no place in academic discourse or campus activities, and he called for decisive action to combat hatred against Jewish students and staff.

As the university grapples with these challenges, Ziff's letter underscores the pressing need for institutional leadership to prioritize the safety and well-being of all students, regardless of their background or beliefs. Photo by Tim Green from Bradford, Wikimedia commons.