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British Queen celebrates


Protests marred the royal procession in The Hague on Tuesday as support for the monarchy dipped to 50%. As the king and queen made their way to parliament, several

people were arrested for attempting to demonstrate along the route. Security was heightened, with ministries and streets cordoned off, and a strong police presence was visible.

One individual detained near the Noordeinde palace claimed to be conducting a one-person demonstration, while a group of seven others were encircled by police and apprehended. These protesters were reportedly part of a regular demonstration against government policies, which authorities deemed unlawful in the area.

Demonstrators along the procession route voiced their disapproval with boos and whistles as the royal coaches passed by on their way to the ceremony and back to the palace. Even from the palace balcony, when the royal family waved to their supporters outside the gates, the crowd responded with whistling.

A survey assessing the royal family's popularity, released on the same day, revealed that the king received a rating of 6.6 out of 10, while Queen Maxima scored 7.1—slightly lower than the previous year.

Among the general population, 50% expressed support for the monarchy, while 26% favored transforming the Netherlands into a republic. However, among those under 35, nearly 40% supported the monarchy, but 34% identified as republicans.

Comparatively, a decade ago, when King Willem-Alexander ascended to the throne, the monarchy enjoyed the backing of 80% of the population. These recent developments reflect a notable shift in public sentiment regarding the Dutch monarchy.