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As the weather starts to warm up, and the half term holidays near, the MOD is reminding visitors and locals to take extra care and check military firing times to keep

themselves and others safe whilst accessing MOD sites that are accessible to the public.

This message comes as part of Respect the Range, a campaign designed to raise the public’s awareness and understanding of the risks to personal safety when using military land. Risks include live firing, unexploded ordnance, pyrotechnics and fast-moving military vehicles. 

As military training continues at pace across the country, the MOD continues to increase awareness of these risks, paying particular attention to day-trippers and locals heading to British natural beauty hotspots over half term. 

There are multiple training areas spread across the UK however this part of the campaign specifically targets: Aldershot, Longmoor, Catterick, Donna Nook, Barry Buddon, Lulworth, Holbeach and Salisbury Plain. 

To ensure the public stay safe and protected while using military land, the MOD is encouraging visitors to: 

Always check training and live firing times before they travel;

Stick to public access paths;

Observe safety information including red flags, fences, signs and by-laws while on military land.


Brigadier Jonathan Bartholomew, DIO’s Head of Overseas and Training Region said: 

Live firing and tactical training activities take place on most of our training areas, and these pose a safety risk to the general public.  

Our military training estate can go from calm to combat in an instant. With the half term holidays nearing, it’s a key time for the public to be made aware of the potential risks when accessing these sites, as well as actions they can take to keep both themselves and our troops safe. 

Our training areas sit within some of the most picturesque parts of the British countryside. Visitors are welcome, but we ask that people only access the sites when and where it is safe to do so. We are reminding people not to cross into areas that are prohibited, to stick to public paths and always check live firing times before visiting. 

If we all work together to use these spaces with respect and consideration, the public will stay safe, and our Armed Forces will be protected during their important training exercises.

If you’re planning some time out and about with the family over the coming weeks, make sure to follow the MOD’s guidance to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe: