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British Queen celebrates


Prince William and Prince George had a matching moment during their latest father-son outing. Following the announcement that the royals have canceled all official

engagements for the next month, the Prince of Wales took his eldest son to a Saturday afternoon soccer match. Prince George looked more like his dad than ever, as both sported dark navy blue suits and matching striped ties while watching Manchester City and Manchester United clash at Wembley Stadium in London on May 25.

As the president of the Football Association, Prince William was fully engaged in the game, sitting with his "mini-me" in their private royal box to witness the FA Cup final. Although both William and George are known Aston Villa fans, they opted for a neutral look with dark blue suit jackets, white button-up shirts, and red, white, and blue striped ties. After the match, Prince William awarded medals to the victorious Manchester City team, and Prince George was seen smiling and shaking hands with soccer stars like Jack Grealish, as captured in videos shared on social media.

In addition to their shared love for soccer, Prince William recently revealed that 10-year-old Prince George also has a budding interest in aviation. At a Buckingham Palace garden party earlier in the week, William reportedly referred to his son as a "potential pilot in the making" while speaking with members of the Royal Air Force, according to Hello!.

Pursuing a career in aviation would align with Windsor family tradition, as Prince George's uncle, Prince Harry, served as an RAF helicopter pilot for a decade, and Prince William was a Search and Rescue Force pilot from 2010 to 2013. With William now appointed Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps, it might not be long before Prince George starts visiting his dad at work for some aviation-inspired hangouts. Photo by Number 10, Wikimedia commons.