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James Dyson is currently in a legal battle with Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) over a damaging article that questioned his integrity. The piece, published in January 2022, labeled Dyson as a

hypocrite for his business decisions and stance on Brexit, causing significant harm to his reputation.

In court, Dyson expressed how deeply hurtful and distressing the article was, considering it an attack on his life's work and achievements. The article, written by journalist Brian Reade, portrayed Dyson as someone who advocated for Brexit's benefits to British industry but then relocated his company's global headquarters to Singapore, a move seen as contradicting his earlier support for Brexit.

Dyson, a renowned inventor and entrepreneur, clarified that the decision to establish a headquarters in Singapore wasn't linked to Brexit. His legal counsel argued that the article lacked substantial evidence to support its scathing claims and criticized it as a highly vitriolic piece of journalism that misled readers.

The Dyson camp emphasized that legal action was a last resort, highlighting the severity of the false allegations made against Sir James. They pointed out that despite Dyson's recognized contributions as an inventor, business leader, and philanthropist, the article's attack on his character was unjustifiable.

However, MGN's legal representative countered, suggesting that Dyson's approach to the case was unreasonable and disproportionate given his status and success. They questioned the need for such extensive litigation over whether the article represented an opinion someone could hold.

The trial is ongoing, with a decision expected after its conclusion. Dyson seeks to restore his reputation and address the damaging impact of the article's false claims. Photo by Eva Rinaldi, Wikimedia commons.