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The initiative group of sports journalists launched a campaign "Knock  terrorism  out - save Ukraine!" in support of the volunteer battalions and the Ukrainian army, who are bravely fighting to the East of this country with externally supported the illegal armed groups and the occupation by Russian warriors.

The promotion is available to all comers, which are able to hit a punching bag. One of the sports projectile not - come any substitute, from wood to a sparring partner. Fists, feet, head - improvisation is encouraged. And, of course, no sexual discrimination among participants, the organizers also expect girls!

The project was already joined by former world and European champion in Boxing Alina Shaternikova. The first athlete of the representatives of the Ukrainian Boxing supported the campaign by writing a short video, thereby completing the mandatory part of it. Alina, who is also Vice-President of the National League of professional Boxing Ukraine, worked the combination on the bag - it, by design, a symbol of terror and war, which are now taking place in the East. Your participation in the promotion Shaternikova without the slightest hesitation showed citizenship and expressed towards those who unleashed the armed conflict in Ukraine, and on the conscience of anyone responsible for hundreds of thousands of victims in this confrontation.

Supported the initiative and world champion 2011 in the amateurs, bronze medalist of the Olympic games in London, and now a promising boxer-professional Taras Shelestyuk. The athlete, as Shaternikova, sent financial help to the needs of the Ukrainian soldiers, and passed the baton to his colleagues from the already legendary national team of Ukraine in Boxing - Alexander Usik, Alexander Cloves, Eugene Hitrovo, Vasyl Lomachenko, Denis Berenice and Paul-Ogneslaw Ishchenko.



The organizers of the project hope that it will become popular in Europe and beyond. Now Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers, in fact, are an Outpost of the entire civilized world in opposition to the aggression of the world of cruelty, ignorance, intolerance, and other manifestations of "Mordor". These brave guys, who yesterday were a programmer, a bricklayer, office Manager, businessman, journalist, mechanics and representative of any other peaceful professions nowtime need of any help and support. Winter on the doorstep,but  the warriors still without heat and equipment.

To say directly, simplifying everything for more understanding: if Ukraine will be broken (because of now she herself fight  against the  aggressor ),the governments of foreign countries continue to play with him in the same futile game of "appeasement", as in the late 30-ies of the last century with Nazi Germany), Europe expects a series of armed conflicts, economic and social upheaval. There is already a tense situation near the borders of the Baltic States and the statements of Vladimir Putin about the ability of its military to occupy for a short time, Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn and Bucharest. To carry out these plans is prevented from simple Ukrainian soldier,which   is  ready to die for his country and  to live for a better future for the entire civilized world.


Read more about the campaign  on the website or on the official page in Facebook

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