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After numerous attempts unsuccessfully to establish contacts with the daughter who lives with her father in New York, the Brazilian who lives in Florida, USA, Adriana Paula de Oliveira, was able to speak, via telephone, with her ex-husband, Marcelo Luiz da Silva, who once again did not allow his daughter to talk with her mother.

In one of the attempts to talk to her daughter by phone, and Adrianawas used the call never be answered, Adriana was surprised on January 21th, at 4:00pm when the phone was answering, when her ex-husband answered the call and as soon as he realized that it was the mother of his daughter, Marcelo, who is also Brazilian, raised uphis voice and started to speaking English, accusing her of lying about the article that she had an interview with the press.

Baffled and by instinct, Adriana has managed to write an excerpt of the conversation with her ex-husband, and reported to the News Radar, as was the conversation between the two.

"He answered the phone, then I asked in Portuguese, Marcelo? Marcelo? Then he responded rudely and in English: myself, why? There's another Marcelo? AI I commented that I was surprised with him answering the phone, and asked to speak to my daughter, he said I couldn’t talk to her because I put all those lies in the paper, and that our daughter was 17 years and that she is ' free ' to talk with me when she wants to. Before the allegations and contradictions started questioning what lies he's talking about, "said Adriana.


Her ex-husband claims that the mother owes child support and the statements made by her mother in an interview for the News Radar, are liars.

Under the pending charges with American justice, Adriana” requested a certificate letter to the Queens Family Court of New York, in order to know if there really was or have any pending case. And is there was or is a pending, I have some debt to the USA Government I have complete interest in resolving," said Adriana.

The Family Court of Queens, New York reported that:You have no case in any family proceedings pending on behalf of Adriana until January 14, 2015, as follows below in official document:

“Mrs. Adriana De Oliveira
The records of Queens County Family Court, show NO upcoming court dates for any of your cases.
Record Room”




Adriana and Marcelo, are Brazilians and live in the United States, married and divorced in New York. The couple separated when the daughter was 3 years old. By resentments and not accepting the separation, the ex-husband was threatening to expose Adriana, who was in an irregular situation, in USA immigration, in order to be deported. Over time, the mother received a job offer in Florida, however, never stopped trying to make contact with her daughter, these contacts, which have always been blocked by his father. During 13 years, the father fed his daughter, the mother doesn't get in contact and I did not know the address of the same. But, the father always had knowledge of all addresses of mother and never passed to the daughter the emails, letters and gifts sent to her. And to make matters worse, the couple's daughter, as a child, around seven years, expressed willingness to meet Brazil, in turn, Marcelo, went on to say to the girl out of the United States, it is necessary a written consent of the mother, and the mother didn't authorized the girl travel. The daughter grew up with her mother in a negative light, this image created and nurtured by his father and others of the daily coexistence of the girl.

His mother was never sought or consulted about a possible daughter's trip abroad, and such paternal claim is unrealistic, the American justice no such requirement. The report obtained information that the daughter of the couple traveled to Disney World in Orlando, in the company of the paternal grandmother, and mother was never informed by anyone.