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Legal PR is one of the most promising areas of the PR services market in modern Europe. Nowadays the possibility of formation of a public opinion on any controversial issue is an

extremely important task, which is solved with the help of usual PR tools such as through interaction with the media, public and human rights organizations. One of the leaders of the field is Polish consulting company ICG, recognized as one of the five best companies in Europe specializing in legal PR. As the adviser of the president of the company Eva Glinshchynska emphasized: “Pre-trial settlement is the best resolution of a dispute. And a legal PR is the best tool for the pre-trial settlement”. ICG company is a trusted leader in Eastern Europe in this area and only structure that specializes in legal PR in continental Europe. It provides a full range of services related to legal PR including work of analysts, communication with leading media, politicians, lawyers. Just because of the analytical work of ICG team during the last 8 years many court cases were won, interests of many clients were protected, and destinies of people affected by the arbitrariness of law enforcement agencies in various European countries were saved. “The company’s team managed to achieve a 100% positive result in cases they took, and many clients say that “lawyers’ efforts in the case were an extra link in the work of such PR experts”, Eva Glishchynska noticed. For more information, please click here.